2 new tracks!!!!!!

2009-04-05 14:50:01 by Deathzone

ruber band chicks been out for a while, but just keep it cool just came out today. i might do a 3rd one later on mayby a collab or somethen. hit me up if you rap!!! or let me know what u think in the review vote honest please...

one of my flashes survived!!!!!!!!!!!!????? wow..... and i'm soo slow to just realize it did live heh wow thanks newgrounds now i'm officially in love with the flash game! expect me to try harder on newer flashes. oh
and btw

i finally and i doo mean finally i got my new mic so expect better quality tracks and im doin all the ones that werent quality over so yeah i'm in bizness!!!!!!!!!!!


i just wanted to say something cause i was looking on youtube to see what others thought and i found a vid of a lady saying it was racist and it looked like kkk and stuff...pfffftttt!!!!... i think that was the most idiotic thing ever. i feel if castle crashers is a racist game then so is pool.

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btw i just got castle crashers and it was more fun than i expected. i loved it i'm a nub right now only lv 12 just played it for an hour today. so theres ma 1200 points tom dan gr8 work thank u.

~so um if anyone else wanna tell me what u guys think or lay your gamertag down go ahead

Okay Castle crashers is awesome!


2008-03-12 16:04:42 by Deathzone

just got smash bros and its saaaaaweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if anyone wants to battle i'm usually on in afternoons my wii fried code is
Name: Zone


i'm back at the music most newgrounders love to h8 on, yep, i think out of all the people that actually submit to this category i'd say bout 75% of them mistaken newgrounds for a mecca of a specific type of exposure. and after a while of h8 they realised this isn't the site i feel your pain but i'm not one of those people. i really have fun makin these h8 generators, it really proves that people wanna use this genre as a scape goat. like how it has been for the last 28 years or so hehe. the fact is newgrounds isn't the place to use things as scape goats. so it's mind boggling how this works we have the flash portal and the audio portal which need eachother. but the audio portal has more people trying to use it for more than it really is. i don't have to point much out, but i can name one thing off the top of my head i don't think newgrounds is an alternative for.. which is limewire. and sometimes i wish the kitty krew would go to the audio portal and slow down some of these h8er's.

all jokes aside i would like to tell you i have 2 new tracks up. and i would appreciate it if you check them out while being honest. if you wanna rate it low, review it please ffs. cause i really think tom should consider making the rating system and the review system merge when ever some one wants to str8 blam stuff or str8 give it a hi-5. but in audio world theres no blamming it's just less exposure. i know it would make a big difference in how people would rate. i swear! half the time they don't listen to or watch more than 12 seconds of the submition and thats ret@rded without any disrespect towards anyone considered retarded. cause theres a difference between ret@rded and retarded theres no alibi for Ret@rdz!

so remember kids support the rolaid movement and let shi+ go!

heh back at it! N feeling optimistic